How to choose a suitable Foam Insert for your products Oct 14, 2021

What are Foam Inserts?

Foam insert is a part of the EVA Case which is a kind of cushioning material placed inside the EVA case protected the products, espeially for some fragile items, A qualified packing not only the case bearing strong capacity, but also high demand for lining materials. There are Thermoformed EVA insert, CNC EVA insert, Die cutting EVA insert and Die cutting Foam insert. So what kind of lining material should you choosefor different products? Our professional team will assist you in finding out which is the right foam for your needs. Below we will share the details  for the above 4 kinds of foam insert.

Thermoformed EVA Insert

It is the most common way. It is divided into two kinds: The stitched insert and the removable insert. The stitched insert is fixed in the case by stitching. it asked there must be a sewing position on the edge no less 1cm from the platform; The removable insert as its name suggests it can be removed, its edge height can be at the same level as the case. Both are need open the mould.

A thermoformed EVA Insert must be cemented a lining before the process. it usually uses the Polar fleece, Velvet, Lycra, Polyerster, Multispandex...

EVA  Case

CNC EVA Insert

The EVA material is divied into Grade A and Grade B. A is better than B, the price is higher than B. Both are environmental protective materials, 100% recylable and biodegradable. No need open mould, bu it is of the highest quality, the most expensive one.

It is suggested to be used for products susceptible to damage by impact e.g carbide tooling, heavy milling cutters, delicate mechanical parts,etc.

EVA Bluetooth Speaker  Case

Die cutting EVA insert

EVA materials, but need open cutting die mold, to cut out the slot, it is no bottom, if the bottom is required, need glued one more piece to the bottom, it can't be high or low, if your product is large and small and the difference is relatively big, we suggest CNC would be more suitable.

Die cutting EVA insert is cheaper than CNC, usually used for harware tools and something heavy also.

EVA Headphones Cases

Die cutting Foam Insert

The form is softer than EVA, and cheaper. there are18kg/m³ and 33kg/m³, of cause, the heavy one is better and most commonly used; ususally it has white color and black color, if other colors are needed, it need to be customized. it used for cosmetics and something is a little lighter. it is flexible, light and elastic, can bend to absorb and disperse the impact force, thus cushioning it.

EVA Tool Case

We will give detailed information before starting custom a case to find the best solution. At the same time we need you to provide the inforamtion required for customization: dimension of the case or your product, images, drawing or sketch. with this information, we will share with you the most suitable tyoe of insertcompatible with your brand and our previous experiences. Products, materials and designs may be changed according to the sector, your products and your application.

Dongguan Dongsheng Luggage Co., Ltd will be your important partner on the way to sucess.

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