Four primary reasons that cause EVA CASES to fade Sep 18, 2021

Many people are apprehensive about plastic EVA equipment cases fading problems, so what exactly is the cause of EVA Tool Cases fading? The fading of plastic coloring products and pigments, dyes, light resistance, oxygen resistance, heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and the characteristics of the resin used, the following we will briefly analyze the analysis:

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1, acid and alkali resistance coloring plastic products fading and coloring agent chemical resistance (acid and alkali resistance, redox resistance) related. Such as molybdenum-chromium red is resistant to dilute acid but sensitive to alkali, cadmium yellow is not acid-resistant. These two pigments and phenolic resin to some coloring agents play a robust reducing effect, seriously affecting heat resistance, weather resistance, and fading.

2, antioxidant certain organic pigments in oxidation after the degradation of macromolecules or other changes occur and gradually fade. This process is the high-temperature oxidation in the process, and the second is the oxidation when encountering strong oxidants (such as chromic acid root in chrome yellow). After the color precipitate, azo pigment, and chrome yellow are mixed, the red color will fade gradually.

3, Heat resistance The heat stability of pigment refers to the degree of heat weight loss, color change, and fading of pigment under processing temperature. Inorganic pigments are composed of metal oxides and salts, which have good thermal stability and high heat resistance. The dyes of organic compounds, on the other hand, will change the molecular structure and a small amount of decomposition at a specific temperature. Especially PP, PA, PET products, processing temperature above 280 ℃, in the selection of colorants, on the one hand, to focus on the heat resistance of the pigment, to consider the heat resistance of the pigment time, usually require heat resistance time of 4-10rain.

4, The light resistance of colorants directly affects the fading of products. Outdoor products are exposed to intense light; the light resistance level is an important indicator; poor light resistance levels will fade quickly in use. Weathering products selected by the light resistance level should not be less than six, the best choice of seven, eight, indoor products optional four, five. The light resistance of the carrier resin also has a more significant impact on the color change, UV-induced changes in the resin's molecular structure after exposure to fading. Adding UV absorbers and other light stabilizers in the masterbatch can improve the light resistance of colorants and colored plastic products.

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