4 Things to Think About When You Design an EVA Case Sep 07, 2021

While a business may appreciate the high quality of a traditional hard or soft case, there is not always a budget to support these initiatives. The good news is that there is a cost-effective alternative: ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) cases. Whether used to store medical equipment or consumer electronics, EVA cases provide the same durable protection (and visual appeal) of traditional solutions at a reduced cost.

When it comes to the design of EVA cases, there are four factors to consider for the optimal result.

The Contour of the Exterior

Among their many benefits, the exterior of custom EVA cases is designed to suit nearly any size or shape. While this contributes to the overall safety of the products inside, it also provides a large degree of creative flexibility in the design process. A round exterior may be a good fit for a pair of headphones, while a sleek rectangular shape may suit a case that stores a single pen.

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The Mold of the Interior

As with the exterior, EVA case interiors can be molded to fit exact enclosure dimensions. While this means the interior can accommodate your fleet of products, it’s just as important to consider how this translates from a presentation perspective. For instance, in the case of a color test kit, you may want to arrange color chips by the color sequence in EVA foam and add a protective barrier in the lid to keep chips clean and safe.

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Zippers and Enclosures

EVA cases may already be lightweight in nature, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other opportunities to enhance their portability. Zippers' handles and shoulder straps are all additions that fall under this umbrella. Whether you’re shipping industrial equipment or setting up a sales kit at a trade show, a more portable solution will keep products safer in transit and simplify the unboxing experience.

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Brand Messaging

While EVA glasses cases can be designed in various colors, there are plenty of other ways to boost brand recognition with your custom case. Let’s use your logo as an example: You can decorate your EVA case with an embossed or molded rubber logo — both of which are customizable and directly link your business with your case. The same can be said for embroidered labels, which offer a splash of color to EVA cases.

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