How to choose the EVA laptop case? Aug 30, 2021

EVA laptop case is a necessity for IT and businessman, due to high frequency of using, and perfect protection for the laptop and accessories, and convenient to carry, 

So what are the top three tips for choosing an EVA laptop case?

EVA Hard Shell Laptop Case

- Material

The material is the most tip key, as the materials can directly determine the quality and grade of your EVA laptop case. So we must pay attention to it, and choose the high density, fell and good texture material, that can increase the wear resistance, waterproof, improve its safety.

- Technology

When purchasing a business EVA laptop case, you must not forget to check the technology. A good EVA laptop has very delicate technology. Generally, there will be no disconnection or jumper problems for the stitching, and the corners and stitching of the EVA laptop case are neat.  Even the parts of the EVA laptop case are delicate and secure.

- Zipper

When choosing a business computer, the zipper is easy to be ignored by most people. 

A good and smooth zipper will determine the life of your EVA case. So pay attention to the zipper that must be smooth, neat when dragged back and forth.

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