How to choose punching hole on EVA case? Aug 24, 2021

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Have you ever meet some issues when customizing EVA cases? Such as the need to punch some holes on top of the lid or side. How to achieve the punching technology? Let have a brief look.


Punching on EVA case generally divides into two types: die-cut punching and laser punching.


Die-cut punching usually uses on a flat surface, you can use the die-cutting mold to reach this punching technology, but the edge will be rough and fray. How to improve? 

1. Using a decorative aluminum ring to cover the punching hole to make it more beautiful, so it features more functional and decorative effects. This technology’s cost is high but beautiful.

EVA Case 

2, Using oil edging to make the edge neat and smooth, this technology’s cost is slightly lower, and it also looks good. 

Laser punching is often used on the side or curved surface, as shown below.


Image 1 is an EVA electronic case, which can store the charging electronics. So 2 USB holes are designed on both sides for easy plug -unplug.

 EVA Electronic Case

Image 2 is an EVA goggles storage case, the dozens of punching holes by laser on the lower curved surface, the primary function is breathable. Because the goggles are the closest to the nostrils after wearing, we must make sure no odor and breathable, so the package function for the EVA case must be good.

 EVA Goggles Case

The above are choices and technologies for punching holes on EVA cases, hope these are helpful to you. Pls contact us freely if you custom EVA cases in any shape as per your devices.

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