Case Study: EVA Case for LED Live Lights Apr 08, 2019

Application: LED Live Lights and accessories

Customer’s Requirement:

1. Protecting objects well

2. Well-organized insert

This is a customer who is dedicated to manufacture LED Live Lights. He wanted them to supply the LED live light that comes with a custom-fit EVA carry case. There are a light and some accessories which are different shapes. The question was that how we design a insert to reach well-organized, space saving and cost saving maximally.

There are solutions A and B we made.

Item included: A round-shape LED live light, adapter with cable, Z-shape bracket, charger and batteries

Custom EVA LED Lights Case

Solution A

We go with EVA molded(Thermoformed) insert. There are two layers on the insert, the first for the light, the second for all accessories. Good news is that we can save space maximally and easy to carry. Bad news is that low safety performance. The light is fragile, and accessories have different height. While carrying, it will be easy to make the light and accessories crashed each other, then cause the light get broken.

Solution B

We still go with EVA molded insert, and only one layer on it. We organize all items well in a place. Each slot for each item. Each slot get 1-2MM smaller than objects to ensure no shaking while carrying. Advantage is that the insert can provide high protective performance. Disadvantage is that the entire EVA case get larger size.

EVA Carry Case

After discussing with the customers, and on safety grounds, customer chose the Solution B.

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