Case Study: EVA Cases Series for wigs Mar 10, 2019

Custom EVA Wig Cases

Application: Human Hair Wigs

Customer’s Requirement:

1. Deluxe, high-grade is always emphasized by customers.

2. FashionBling-bling surface

3. Feminine.

This is an old friend of Dong Case, his name is Mr.King, a client from Dubai, who has been manufacturing and selling human hair wigs.

EVA Wig Storage Case

In March 2019, we cooperated for the first time and customized this EVA wig case for him. His requirements were luxurious, high-grade, and shiny. It took us a lot of time, and visit fabric markets many times, at the end, we find a kind of gold and silver PU with glitter. King saw it and liked it. He feels very satisfied and appreciative of our attentive service. Soon our design team also did a graphic drawing, organized sampling. CNC machines were machining the molds day and night, sampling team was working overtime. Finally, we spent only 6 days finishing the EVA case samples, and King received them in 2 days. He appreciated everything, then placed an order for 5000pcs on the first cooperation.

EVA Cases Factory

After the first cooperation, King soon sent a second order. This time, he wanted to customize a storage case for a new popular wig. The keywords are: elegant, textured, round EVA case.

After discussion, we soon determined the drawing. This time, we have reduced the size a lot, and the shape is round. This makes it easier to store wigs and carry them. Fabric, we use a straw mat pattern of PU. Puller also used back to the original gold round metal puller with a decorative effect. The samples were quickly completed and delivered to King. King is also very satisfied with our samples and efficiency. We have received 10000 orders again.

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Such as EVA Wigs Case、EVA Storage Case、EVA Travel Case、EVA Carry Case...

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