Case study: Stylish EVA molded cases for headlight Aug 09, 2019

EVA Case For Led Headlight

Application: Headlight storage case, tool case.

Customer’s Requirement:

According to the design drawings provided by the customer to make the EVA headlight case in 3D three-dimensional and hexagon shape.

The customer’s initial requirements are as below and provided their design drawing.

1, unique hexagon appearance.

2, a partition plate inside

3, accessories can be organized from messy.


This customer from the USA and professionally purchased headlights in China, so they needed the matching EVA headlight cases. After a lot of comparisons, they finally selected Mr. DONG case as it is an experienced EVA case manufacturer.

EVA headlight case

We discussed once we received the customer’s design drawings and advised them our below suggestions:

1, suggested using a waterproof zipper, that can protect the headlight and accessories better.

2, suggested making separated thermoformed foam insert, so headlight, charge, and belt can be stored individually from bump with each other.

3, the partition plate should be made with a zipper.

4, made a mesh pocket inside of the lid.

5, made a weave belt on the bottom of EVA headlight case that it is convenient to tie on workerswaist by a belt.

6, made a small handle on the outer if workers want to hang on somewhere via a lanyard.

7, surface material should be made in dark two-stone polyester as it features dirt-proof, waterproof, scratch-proof.


The customer was satisfied with our above suggestions and was surprised we thought so much for them instead of just following their design.

EVA Case Manufacturer

The following challenge is the smoothness of the zipper because the EVA case is in a hexagon shape, so the zipper will not smooth on the corner, especially using the waterproof zipper. Finally, we resolved after several improvements, and we improved several times for the inner of the EVA case.


1, changed usual velvet lining to high density and soft velvet.

2, changed the middle partition plate with the zipper to velcro as velcro is convenient to open.

3, improved the mesh pocket inside with a zipper that can protect accessories from falling off.

After repeated communication and improvement, the final sample was confirmed and appreciated by the customer. Soon we received an order that is 5000pcs.

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