Foam Inserts Customization Feb 25, 2018

At Dong Case, we have spent the last 10 years designing EVA cases and foam inserts, so we know how to make custom EVA cases that safely cradle everything from sensitive electronic equipment to rugged tools. Part of the secret is the foam we use to customize the interior of many of our EVA cases. Custom foam inserts greatly enhance your product’s appeal and add product longevity for the end-user.

Custom Foam Insert

We offer several options for foam material, including EVA foam, sponge foam, and EPE foam. We also have a wide selection of foam colors, grades, and thicknesses, to protect well and display your products.

Based on your products, cases, applications, and anticipated external wear, we can provide the best protection solutions for your custom foam insert.

EVA Foam

EVA foam is a popular choice for custom foam inserts. EVA Foam is a firm closed-cell foam with a softer, more rubbery feel than our polyethylene (cross-poly) offering. Its surface squishes down when you press your fingers into it, quickly bouncing right back into place. Stock colors are white and dark gray but other colors are available. (Minimum order quantities 5000 pcs)

Available manufacturing process:

- Die-cutting

- Thermoforming

- Laser cutting

- CNC routing

Sponge Foam

Sponge Foam is the most familiar material for the customized insert. Its features are crispy and light. Color charcoal gray.

Available manufacturing process:

- Die-cutting

Convoluted Foam

Convoluted foam is sometimes called “egg crate foam”. It is a versatile polyurethane foam used commonly as lid foam in injection molded cases.

Available manufacturing process:

- Die-cutting

EPE (Expanded Polyethylene) Foam

EPE foam is a closed-cell beaded polyethylene that has a low weight, high strength ratio. It is a semi-rigid, non-cross-linked, and closed-cell type of polyethylene foam. Cellu-Cushion-6.0 pound PE. This 6-pound polyethylene foam is generally added as a thin top layer to custom foam cushions to add color and strength to the cushion. We can also use this foam to put colored logos in foam cushions. Stock colors are white and black but other colors are available. (Minimum order quantities 5000 pcs)

Available manufacturing process:

- Die-cutting

- Laser cutting

Depending on the application, quantity, and complexity of your products, we can use one of several different manufacturing processes to deliver a customized EVA case interior.


Die-cutting is one of the most familiar ways for various foam inserts. With die-cut tooling and punch press, a foam would get cut to the shape of your equipment. Die-cut foam inserts can be very cost-effective in larger quantities, and we operate a wide range of die presses to give our customers a full range of customization options.


Thermoforming is one of the most familiar manufacturing processes for EVA foam. It works the same as EVA thermoformed insert, the dent can be any shape (such as arch shape) to be the perfect fit for your products. Thermoformed EVA inserts can be very cost-effective in larger quantities and can laminate the surface material you prefer.

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is mainly used for thicker EVA foam which cannot be die-cut. With the laser cutting process, the sides of the opening would get nicer than die-cut foam. The drawback is lower production efficiency and higher costs.

CNC Routing

CNC Routing is a great option for complicated EVA foam insert with different depth dent. CNC foam routing machines use high-speed rotary cutters to remove foam material and deliver precise, accurate custom EVA foam interiors. Taking input directly from a CAD program, CNC routed foam is an excellent option for making one-off cases or developing initial prototypes for a larger run. The drawback of this process is the price, which is more expensive than above.

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