How to Choose The Perfect Logo For Your EVA Cases Mar 18, 2018

EVA Cases Custom LOGO

One of the major components of a brand is a logo because as the “face” of a business, it is what people instantly recognize. As an essential part, it helps businesses retain market share and grow their profit. Choosing the right logos for your EVA custom carrying case is a difficult process, but no worry, that’s why we are here.

Most types of logos can be manufactured on EVA style cases. The most important aspect to choose the type that best fits your EVA case based on 3 factors: manufacturability, aesthetic, and cost. We will assess each of these factors below with all of our logo options, in order of cost from lowest to highest.

Embossed Debossed Logo EVA Case

Embossed / Debossed:

Embossing and debossing both are the simplest ways to display your logo. This works especially well for EVA shell cases, because the logo is built into the tooling and molded into the finished parts. Size and thickness of logo, and surface material kinds are the most important aspect to consider. Since the logo is pressed into the material, there is no 90°right angle on the logo corner. From a cost perspective, this method is definitely the most economical option since it is build into the tooling and adds no labor or material to an EVA case. Many companies choose to use this style. Our team can evaluate if your logo can be embossed or debossed in advance.

Silk Screen Printing Logo EVA Case

Silk Screen Printing:

Silk screen printing is the most familiar way for logo placement. The process is relatively simple and can be applied onto any flat surface case material via ink transfer. Silk screen printed logo is comparative durable and clear. Silk screen printing allows you to add complex designs onto the surface of the EVA case without the limitations of other methods, and at a reasonable comparative cost. The only drawback is the ink only allows you to do so much with regards to color patterns. Silk screening can provide multicolor logos, but without any sort of gradient or shading, since the ink must be applied one color at a time per screen. This process is usually preferred when you need simple logotype on your case or bag. Four color screen can provide gradient or shading effect, but higher cost and lower clearness.

Heat Transfer Logo EVA Case

Heat Transfer:

Iron-on heat transfers are another popular choice for some cases or bags. The process is relatively simple to manufacture and wont break the bank. Moreover, heat transfers are not like silk screen printing, the colors and complexity of your logo are not an issue. Gradients, shading, and colorful logotypes are easily transferred to a wide-ranging materials. The only defect is durability. EVA cases that will be used in rugged environments and possibly dragged, dropped, or just generally take heavy abuse, should utilize other options as iron on logos can peel or tear over time.

Debossed Pressing Logo EVA Case

Debossed by High Frequency Pressing:

Debossed logo by high frequency pressing is the most usual way on PU leather cases. The logos can give you durable, shinny and stratified way to display your company's logo and won't break the bank. Usually, the depth of the logos would be controlled in from 1mm to 2mm. The debossed logo colors depend on the surface material colors.

PVC Rubber Logo EVA Case

PVC Rubber Logos:

PVC Rubber logos are popular options on EVA carry cases. It can provide you a durable, colorful and three-dimensional way to display your brand’s logo at reasonable cost. These logos can prevent fading or tearing, which means a perfect fit for industrial use in tough environments. The rubber patches are typically stitched onto the EVA case surface, gluing process is an option as well. In addition, rubber logos can be integrated into the zipper pull for additional detail.

Nickel Logo EVA Case

Nickel Logos:

A nickle logo gives your EVA case a unique and luxury look. Unlike metal plate logos, this style is a very good option to display especially your logo composed of letters. The logos can be located on the same level as the surface material of EVA shell cases, so no need to worry that they will scratch your hands. The only drawbacks are the cost.

Embossed TPU Logo EVA Case

Embossed TPU Logos:

Embossed TPU logos are extremely unique style of logo display. These logos can be manufactured in multiple colors and have 3-dimensional shapes, and can work on any surface material of EVA cases. If you like embossing effect on PVC rubber logos, but don't accept the rubber base under the logos, these TPU logos could be the best option. The drawbacks of the style are the price.

Metal Plate Logo EVA Case

Metal Plate Logos:

Metal logos are a great option for luxury EVA cases where style is a key component of the product. These metal plates can display a wide range of logotype and imagery while adding a unique and elegant quality to your EVA case. Metal logos can be painted in multiple colors and have 3-dimensional shapes. Their classy quality appearance can add a great deal of perceived value to the case for the end user. The drawbacks of this style are the price. If you are looking for a consumer case that will be given away for free, or at a deep discount, this probably will not be an ideal choice as there are less expensive substitutes that will better fit that application. However, if you are looking for premium style and an elegant look for your design, then a metal logo could be a perfect fit.

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