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One-stop EVA Case Custom

At Dong case, you can custom your EVA case so easy. Whether you have a sketch, 2D/3D file, prototype sample, or you need us to design a custom case from scratch, we have it covered.

With our advanced facilities and experienced personnel, we provide one-stop customization services from design drawings, mold development, shell molding, sewing, LOGO customization, accessory assembly, quality inspection, packaging and shipping, and color box customization, We can control every production link. Such a full set of services can ensure that you'll receive zero-defect EVA cases just in time.

Our all-in-one process makes your experience with Mr.Dong as smooth as possible and allows you to focus on your core business.

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Let’s take a look at our process

Custom Molded EVA Case

Provide your product samples, design drawings, we can conduct further discussions.

Don’t worry if you have only a sketch or a rough idea. By fully understanding your custom needs, our design team with come up with a 2D design in as soon as possible.

During the process, to ensure that we design our EVA case for functions, style, and manufacturability, every detail is taken into consideration like:
• If the style meet your target market and brand identity
• If the design is feasible and cost-effective in production
• The balance between materials and budget

Custom Zipper EVA Case

A perfect bag, its material and structure design play a key role.

We have 10 years of experience in EVA bag customization. We will combine the brand image, portability, and production cost to give you professional advice.

Such as: Surface material, lining, EVA hardness, color, LOGO technology, inner support form, mesh bag structure, etc.

EVA Cases Manufacturer

According to the details, size and quantity communicated by both parties, a preliminary mold cost and unit price are calculated.

Custom EVA Molded Case

The tooling of our EVA case is faster and less costly compared with that of plastic & metal case.

With our CNC tooling plant, we’re able to develop your custom mold in as quickly as 5 to 7 days. In this process, our team ensures the precision of your tool with repeated tests and modifications in-house.

The rapid and accurate tooling makes sure that you receive an exact-fitting EVA case in a shorter period.

Custom EVA Zipper Case

Our factory has a professional sample production room and 2 sample designers. The sample production is strictly in accordance with the requirements, and the sample can be completed in one day as soon as all materials are ready.

Custom EVA Case Manufacturer

At Dong case, we have a streamlined process for our mass production, from laminating to cutting to thermoforming to stitching to trimming. With every step taking place in the separated workshop by specialized workers, we ensure both the production efficiency and quality of your custom EVA cases.

Depending on the availability of the materials, this process will take 2-3 weeks.

EVA Cases Factory

100% Inspection
Every single EVA case will go through a strict inspection before delivery.

During this process, we will check an inspect everything from exterior appearance to size to the smallest accessory carefully to make sure there’s zero defect.

Our 100% inspection means that every case you receive is of the same high quality.

Custom EVA Cases

Just-in-time Delivery
When all the cases are ready, we’ll arrange for the delivery immediately.

Working with a group of reliable shipping companies, we can handle 100% of the logistics, whether your cases are required to send to the docks, to your contract manufacturers, or whatever it’s most valuable for your business.

Ready To Build Your

Custom EVA Case?

If you have any demand or question, please send us an email with your case draft or design or concept, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Of course, you can also talk to us directly, and we will learn about your rough ideas and custom requirements through the discussion.


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